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How do I send files from my Mac?
You need the latest version of Vocab for Desktop to do this. Your Mac and your iPhone must both be connected to the same network - for example, to your home WiFi network. And you must be on the "Lists" screen in Vocab for iPhone for your device to register for wireless import.
I don't have a WiFI connection - can I still send files to my iPhone?
Yes - there are 2 other ways. You can create an Ad-Hoc network on your Mac and connect your iPhone to it (see built-in Mac OS help to find out how).

You can also share files through iTunes. When your iPhone is connected to your Mac, open iTunes, click on the device in the sidebar, and choose the "Apps" tab across the top of the window. Scroll down to the "File Sharing" section of this window, and choose "Vocab" from the list of apps on the right. You can drag & drop Vocab files into the table marked "Vocab Documents" on the right. You can also use this method to take files off your iPhone to use on your Mac.

How do I rename a list?
Tap "Edit" in the navigation bar, and then "Rename List" in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. When you've finished, tap "Done".
How do I edit words on the iPhone?
Tap on the word in the list to see its translation, and part of speech. Tap the information you want to edit to bring up the keyboard. When you're done, tap the back button in the navigation bar to return to the list.
Can I enter more than one meaning for a word?
Yes - simply separate the different translations with a comma when you add or edit the word. In tests, you can then enter these different meanings in any order and still be marked right.
How can I type accents on the iPhone?
Tap and hold the letter you want to type on the iPhone keyboard. A row of accented variants of that letter will be displayed - now just drag your finger across to the accent you need.
What happens if I get a call during my test?
In iOS 4, your test will be paused. Pre iOS 4, your test will be cancelled.
Can I end a test before finishing it?
Yes - just tap towards the top of the screen to reveal the navigation bar. Now tap the back button to return to your list. No result of this test will be saved.
How do I go back through my log records?
Simply swipe to the right to go back, and swipe to the left to view more recent results.
I can't see the translations for the words I got wrong in my test.
Tap on each mistake to view the translation for the word.
Can I customise Vocab for iPhone?
Yes - all Vocab’s preferences are available through the iPhone's "Settings" app. These include options for your tests, and appearance settings.

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