Log out and back in again for the Service to be recognised by the system. Go to System Preferences (from the Services menu, shown above) to manually enable the item ‘Word Count Minus Quotations’

Set Up

Highlight the text you want to count, then bring up Unquote as above - or simply access the same Services menu by right clicking (ctrl-click) on the selected text.




To highlight long texts without including bibliographies etc, hold down the Shift key and click at the start and end of your text.



In 10.7+: Move the cursor to the space between the View Quotes button and the Help icon. The analysis toolbar icons will appear.

In 10.6: go to ‘View > Show Analysis’


In 10.7+: Click the View Quotes button to reveal the list of quotes. Click on a quote to see it in full, with its length.

In 10.6: Hover cursor over quote to see info. Double-click to view full quote.

Get Info

Move your cursor through the distribution bar to display a snippet from the essay.